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SNS have invented invented dipping powders to give women beautiful and healthy nails.

The invention of Dipping Powders

In 1990, a breakthrough innovation was introduced: SNS Dipping Powders. These nail products are packed with healthy nutrients —vitamins A, E, D, E and B5, plus calcium. Instead of causing harm to the nail bed, every use of the new formula actually improves its health and leaves the nail in better condition.

As for everyday wear, the nails become super-strong, with a durable surface that lasts a full two weeks.

How does SNS work?

  • Your nails will be trimmed, shaped and buffed. If you’re getting tips, these will be added and shaped.
  • We will paint a coat of vitamin packed SNS base on your nails.
  • Your fingers will be dipped into a little tub of white powder and given a shake.
  • The same will then happen one or two times with a colour or glitter powder.
  • A shiny top-coat will be applied, and once it’s dry you’re good to go.


SNS Nails
Natural Look SNS Nails
French SNS Nails
Colour SNS Nails
Nail Tip Extensions
FREE SOAK OFF - if nails are originally done by us

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