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The best way to a perfect skin complexion

Does it work?

It has been shown in clinical tests not just to improve hydration, but also to boost the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels. It is now classed as a ‘biostimulator’, something that kick starts significant renewal within the skin.

Profilo, what is it?

Profilo is a very runny form of hyaluronic acid gel – the substance from which dermal fillers are made – injected at five key points on each side of the face. From these sites, it will spread, finding its way underneath the surface of the skin, to treat the whole face.

Once in place, the Profilo solution boosts hydration by enabling the skin to hold more moisture. It also stimulates production of elastin and collegen, which in whatm in two months’ time, will make the skin firmer and bouncier.




Treatment prices start from £250.00

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