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Lipoglaze is one of the most advanced methods of fat reduction available on the market and works by using cooling temperatures to reduce those annoying areas of stubborn fat.


How does lipoglaze cryotherapy work?

During a session, Lipoglaze will firstly be used to warm up the treatment area in order to encourage blood and fat to separate. Then by using Cryotherapy, it will carefully freeze away fat cells without you having to undergo any type of surgery. This causes fatty cell death, and usually destroys around 33% of fat in one treatment, depending on thickness of subcutaneous tissue. Lipoglaze is far more effective than Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Lasers, as it provides a more permanent result.


What happens after?

A lipoglaze cryogenic lipolysis session will usually take up to an hour. Afterwards, all you need to do is simply allow your body to do the rest… You won’t even feel the fat cells crystallise and then break down, disappearing for good.


What are the Advantages of a Lipoglaze Treatment?

–           Minimal down time

–           Safe and relatively comfortable

–           Clinically proven results

–           No patient sedation

–           fast treatment time

–           Increased confidence

–           restored body image

–           Cost effective alternative to Liposuction

lipoglaze cryotherapy loughton
One of the most advanced methods of fat reduction
Targets stubborn fat
Usually destroys around 40% of fat in one treatment
Clinically proven results

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