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IBD gels are undoubtedly one of the best gel nail systems on the market, and are much kinder to the nail plate than most other brands.


Here at the Angel Clinic we pride ourselves on our IBD Hard Gel application that can be placed over your natural nails, sculpted to perfection or used over extensions to create a fabulous finish.


Long Lasting

Lasting for over three weeks, they are perfect for high maintenance nails that need a little extra strength or sculpting. IPD hard gel nails are much more versatile than other brands as they have the option to be painted over with nail polish whilst still having that French finish ready for you underneath. Available in over 200 colours and many finishes such as Chrome, Glitter and foiling… the possibilities are endless.

Lasting over 3 weeks
One of the best hard gel nail systems
Kind to your nails
Available in over 200 colours
IBD Hard Gel Nail
Hands French with Tips
Hands Colour with Tips
Overlays New Set (PLAIN)
Overlays New Set (COLOURS)
Overlays New Set (FRENCH)
Nail Tip Extensions Separately

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