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The Epionce Skin Peel System is one of the most popular ranges used by doctors and medical aesthetic clinics in the UK and is formulated for even the most sensitive of skin.


Although suitable for all skin types, these peels are particularly effective in treating ageing, sun-damaged and blemished skin. Using naturally derived ingredients, Epionce peels provide maximum effect with minimal disruption to the skin which means no downtime for you. The peels can also be combined with light microdermabrasion where appropriate.


Epionce Light Refresh

The Epionce Lite Refresh peel is perfect for those who may be having a peel treatment for the first time or who want a lighter peel than the existing Epionce regime. This Epionce Lite Refresh improves the appearance of the skin and enhances hydration by increasing cell turnover to give a brighter and smoother complexion. It relieves skin congestion, dullness and improves acne with no downtime.

So if you have a special event coming up that you want to look fabulous for, why not treat yourself to a Epionce Lite Refresh peel with one of our highly skilled specialists.


Epionce Corrective

The Epionce corrective peel is a more advanced treatment and is formulated to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, acne and rosacea.  It deeply cleanses pores and lifts away old skin cells, smoothing the skin and improving the appearance of fine lines as it evens your skin’s tone. The treatment can also be varied in strength and intensity to your individual needs.

Award winning Anti- ageing Treatments
Suitable for all skin types
Effective in treating ageing, sun-damaged and blemished skin
Increases cell turnover to give a brighter and smoother complexion
Epionce Skin Peels
Signature relaxing steam and massage facial - 1 hour
Epionce Corrective
Skin Peel, Deep Penetrating
Epionce Light Refresh
Skin Peel, Deep Penetrating
Light Therapy Bespoke Facials
30 minutes
Epionce Hand Skin Refresh Peel

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